For a fair,

Efficient & responsive circuit court

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Why should the office of

the clerk of the court be important to you?

At some point, every resident of Prince William County will visit the Clerk's office- whether it be to obtain a marriage license, report for jury duty, obtain a weapons permit, complete a real estate transaction, probate a will, change a name, or any number of other functions the office serves.  Your tax dollars run the Clerk's Office, but only your vote can keep the office efficient, responsive to your needs and

comfortably accessible to all residents of the county- regardless of their personal beliefs.

Jacqueline Smith For Clerk of The Prince William County Circuit Court in Manassas

The Voter Registration Deadline for the November 3 election is October 13.

A Person without a vote
is a person without a voice >
Clerk of the Circuit Court

Just register to vote absentee.  DMV voting occurs during weekdays and Saturdays leading up to election day.